The Training Clinic, a California Corporation, was founded in 1977 as a training and communications consulting company.  Initially, most work was custom design and in-house presentation of programs developed for client companies.  An impressive client base has been developed over the years, including:

Internal Revenue Service       Nat'l Ass'n Music Merchants
Singapore Airlines First Interstate Bank
Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. Northrop Electronics
ARCO Petroleum U.S. Department of Justice
UCLA Medical Center The Irvine Company
PacificCare Corporation  Xerox
Blue Cross of California Hilton Hotel Corporation
IBM American Honda
Orange County Transportation Authority Unocal Corporation
Chevron USA SW Bell Telephone
Price Waterhouse Singapore Institute of Management
Automobile Club of Southern California Transamerica Life Companies

As the years progressed, work with various clients led to the development of workshops on training other trainers.  In 1981 The Training Clinic began presenting public workshops on training trainers on the West Coast of the US. 


Since those early days the Training Clinic has trained almost 140,000 individuals in the latest train-the-trainer techniques.  Today, a fully trained and qualified staff of sixteen instructors, strategically located around the United States and Canada, presents over 250 workshops in 12 primary cities and 14 secondary markets on a regular schedule.  Attendees at the workshops represent a broad cross-section of manufacturing, service and retailing companies, government and public sector organizations (including the U.S. Supreme Court) and some international companies (the longest distance travel award goes to several attendees from Thailand).  The Training Clinic has some of its workshops presented in the Netherlands and Columbia under a licensing agreement with a local firm. 

Workshop Design 

As with the original workshops, all program content continues to be researched, designed and developed at the main office utilizing an office staff of six and the input of field instructors and other experts in training and development.

The concepts and techniques taught in our classes are incorporated into the development of each new workshop.  Each workshop and its presentation is a model of the methods being taught.  Once a program is fully developed, field-tested and revised with participant input, it is taught to our field instructors.  The instructors then enhance the workshop content with their own experiences and insights.  This method of workshop development achieves the best mix of quality control and personal instructor input, while still assuring that the program you attend in Washington, D.C. will have the same content and quality of presentation as the program in Los Angeles.

Special emphasis is placed on assuring that workshop content is practical and useful in real office, factory and classroom situations.  Although each workshop is based on solid adult learning theory and enough theory is discussed to provide you with a foundation, these are not "theoretical" or "academic" programs.  The course content is, above all, realistic and practical.

In addition to the original workshops, workshops are also offered on:

Make New Employee Orientation A Success - one day
Performance Consulting Skills for Trainers - one day
Quality Control of Training - one day
Facilitation Skills - one day
Today's Effective Training Coordinator    - one day
Training Skills for Peak Performance - one day conference
How To Train People To Use Computers - two days, one day
 How To Design and Present Technical Training - three days
How To Design and Present Sales Training - two days
How To Assess Training Needs - one day
Games for Trainers - one day
Effective On-The-Job Training - one day
Today's Creative Trainer - one day
 How to Write Terrific Training Materials - one day
Developing Training Materials  - one day
How to Manage the Training Function - one day
How to Present Training With Impact! - three days with video
Effective Presentations - one and two days, video
Transfer Learning to the Workplace - one day
The Next Level:  Make Adult Learning Come to Life - one day




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