New Employee Orientation Survey

Parent Organization
Job Title
Telephone number

Type of Industry:                           Other:

Number of Employees:

Your Orientation Program's Impression:

Do new employees receive a planned or formal orientation to your organization? 

In your opinion, describe the quality of your current orientation:

          Excellent                Good                 Adequate            Fair              Poor

What impression do you believe your orientation makes on the new employee?
Excellent                Good                 Adequate            Fair              Poor
In your opinion, how important is orientation to the organization?
Very Important                       Important                          Not Important
In your opinion, how important is orientation to the employee?
Very Important                       Important                          Not Important

Describe the support from upper management for orientation:
Strong                  Good                       Adequate                    Weak
Select the number of employees who attend orientation at a single meeting:

Select who conducts company-wide orientation:

        Human Resources, Training or Personnel       Operations/supervisor          Other

How often is orientation held? 

        Weekly             Bi-monthly           Monthly            Quarterly          As needed

How long is the orientation?                     Hours               Days

Is orientation done:

        at one meeting             orientation is a process conducted over a period of time

If conducted as a process, over how long a period of time?     

When does orientation start:

        First day                 First Week                  First Month              with the hiring decision

Where is the orientation held (Select all that apply by holding the Ctrl key and making the selection) 


Select all who attend orientation: (Select all that apply by holding the Ctrl key and making the selection) 


In addition to the main instructor/coordinator for orientation, who (by title) are the guest speakers in your program? (Select all that apply by holding the Ctrl key and making the selection) 



Orientation Program Content:

Select all items done before the new employee's first day of work:



What aspect of your orientation program is most effective?

What are the written objectives for your orientation?

Check materials sent to the new employee before the first day (check all that apply):


Check which written materials are give to to the new employee during the orientation process (check all that apply):


Who is responsible to cover these topics during orientation?

organization history
organizational structure
function of departments
performance expectations
paperwork/forms completion
facility tour
telephone techniques
customer service
corporate culture
quality improvement
skills training (type:)
computer operation (email, password, etc.)


How many hours and minutes are spent on these topics during orientation?

hours    minutes organization's history
hours    minutes organizational structure
hours    minutes function of departments
hours    minutes performance expectations
hours    minutes paperwork/forms completion
hours    minutes facility tour
hours    minutes benefits
hours    minutes products/services
hours    minutes safety and security
hours    minutes telephone techniques
hours    minutes customer service
hours    minutes corporate culture
hours    minutes policy/procedure
hours    minutes quality improvement
hours    minutes EEOC, sexual harassment
hours    minutes computer operation
hours    minutes skills training (type: )

How critical is the supervisor's role to successful new employee orientation?

       very               somewhat               not

Describe the support supervisors in your organization give orientation:

       great              some                        little            none


Check all the methods used in orientation (okay to check more than one):

        live lecture

        large group discussion    

        small group discussion


        role play

        simulation or game

        self-directed study





Check all the media used in covering an orientation topic:

        interactive video disk/CD-ROM

        custom video

        employee handbook

        company publications

        handout material

        organization's intranet

        slides or slid/tape

        commercial video

        overhead transparencies

        audio recording

        product demonstrations


        internet or organization's web page


When was your program initially designed? (month/year)

When was your orientation program last updated? (month/year)

What was your approximate "out-of-pocket" cost to develop orientation (including media)?

How many design/development hours did it take to create your program?

What resources were used to design/develop orientation:

    internal          external         both internal & external

If you could redesign your orientation program from scratch without concern for time or cost, what would you do?


How do you evaluate the success of your orientation? (check all that apply)

        no evaluation is done

        written evaluations by participants

        written evaluations by the participant's supervisors

        informal verbal evaluations by participants and/or supervisors

        comparison of objectives to the results

        evaluation for bottom-line results measured? (check all that apply):

                          lower turnover                                            loss prevention

                          accident prevention/safety record        increased productivity


Would you be interested in:

        advanced orientation workshops

        book of suggested orientation activities

        card deck of orientation activities

        book of best practices from individual top benchmarked organizations

The purpose of this research is to develop information to guide the development of orientation materials for other organizations through workshops, books and articles.  The completion of this survey authorizes us to use this information for this purpose with appropriate credit.

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