New Employee Orientation Survey And Past Results  

In 1985 The Training Clinic recognized the fact that although nearly all organizations conduct a new employee orientation program, few believe that their program is interesting or involving for the employee. To learn more The Training Clinic initially conducted research on over 300 companies. These companies identified themselves as having good-to-excellent orientation programs. A research staff of three conducted a survey of these companies, collected samples of orientation handouts, conducted telephone interviews and attended selected programs.

That research revealed that there are 12 principles of successful orientation programs. From that information and research a one-day workshop on how to design and present an effective new employee orientation program was developed. That workshop has been presented to thousands of participants in the intervening years.  

To keep the workshop content fresh, we periodically conduct additional research with over 2000 organizations worldwide.

The research results and current survey form are linked below:

Orientation Survey Form

Click HERE and take a few minutes to enter your organization's information in the Survey Form.  By completing the information you will receive a copy of the new survey results, when available.

Orientation Survey Results

Click HERE for findings in the on-going research The Training Clinic began in 1985.  A few new trends are noted in the the most recent survey.  50 organizations responded to the survey and represent an even split of manufacturing (including high tech manufacturing) and the not-for-profit sector (including government organizations, public transportation and utilities).  Over half of the respondents have more than 1000 employees, while 45% represent employers of less than 500 employees.

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