Certificate Programs

You can now earn a Training Clinic "Professional Development Certificate" in each of nine competencies* and:

be recognized by your supervisor and peers for achieving an important career milestone
receive an attractive, wood-frame Certificate suitable for display
receive a 20% discount on future workshops, books and products after certification

To view the requirements for the Certified Orientation Specialist (8th title listed), click on the title below: 

Here's what Lee Ann Zambrano of PacifiCare - Western Region Customer Service Center- had to say about our program:

"I wanted to share with you the impact that the Training Clinic's 'Training Presenter Certification' course is having on our training organization.  We recently conducted a six day workshop of this curriculum with sixteen of our trainers.  The response has been extremely positive.  The enthusiasm of our trainers is infectious.  They have a renewed sense of purpose in their jobs and are really applying the concepts and skills taught in the course.  The trainers have commented how much they value the information they received from the course.  They have stated that compared to other 'train the trainer' courses they have attended, this one has provided superior content and practical use and application on the job."

* The Training Clinic reviewed the competencies for training and development professionals recommended by the American Society for Training and Development and the International Board of Standards for Training. Performance and Instruction. The Training Clinic's course content for the following certificates is matched to the suggested skills and competencies of both organizations.


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