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Need In-House Training Or Consulting?
20 Reasons to Choose The Training Clinic
America's Train-the-Trainer Leader

THE TRAINING CLINIC offers quality in-house training programs for trainers, training managers and coordinators, training designers, supervisors, managers and secretarial support staff. We believe in learning by doing, not just by listening. All of our workshops require a high level of participation by the learner. Transfer of skills to the workplace is stressed by action planning during each workshop.

Methods of presentation include lecturettes, discussions, case studies, non-threatening role plays, exercises, films and inventories. Class exercises and case studies are customized to the client's industry at no additional charge to the client.

Here's what Lee Ann Zambrano of PacifiCare - Western Region Customer Service Center- had to say about our program:

"I wanted to share with you the impact that the Training Clinic's 'Training Presenter Certification' course is having on our training organization.  We recently conducted a six day workshop of this curriculum with sixteen of our trainers.  The response has been extremely positive.  The enthusiasm of our trainers is infectious.  They have a renewed sense of purpose in their jobs and are really applying the concepts and skills taught in the course.  The trainers have commented how much they value the information they received from the course.  They have stated that compared to other 'train the trainer' courses they have attended, this one has provided superior content and practical use and application on the job."

If you need in-house training there are 20 reasons to choose The Training Clinic:

Free preview of any Training Clinic public workshop for in-house customers. Preview any of our public workshops and, if your decide to bring us in-house to present the workshop, we'll give you credit for the price you paid for the public workshop. A few restrictions apply, so call us for details.

When you first consider an in-house program you will consult with our president, Jean Barbazette, or our Vice-President of Client Development, Melissa Smith, to formulate a no cost, no-obligation proposal that fits your needs.
With the assistance of Jean or Melissa you will complete a brief needs assessment to ensure that the training your people receive is "on target' and personalized to your organization's needs. From beginning to end, you will be guided by, and have immediate access to, the top people within our organization. They will ensure that you get what you want, when you want it and at a cost that is surprisingly affordable.  
With 16 Master Practitioner Instructors physically located throughout the United States and Canada we can respond to your in-house needs at one site or many, allowing you maximum flexibility while minimizing tuition and travel costs.  
We have more available workshops and content for you to choose from to sharpen your instructors' and training designers' skills than any other provider.
With so much content available we create a 'custom" outline for you, selecting, lengthening or shortening to meet your needs.
A Custom Certificate Program can be created for workshops of 3-5 days in length.
As with all of our workshops, the content is based on research conducted by The Training Clinic using the best and most current techniques available.
Workshops are analyzed in 15-minute segments (using a Training Clinic copyrighted, exclusive technique) to select the best training method to communicate the content, while maintaining participants' interest. Lectures are kept to a minimum.
Our workshops are revised on a regular basis with input from instructors, past participants and research into "state-of-the-art' materials to make sure the content is current, reliable and fresh.
Our instructors 'model" what they teach and train through demonstration of each technique rather than by lecturing about it.
All instructors are senior trainers with a wealth of experience.  They consistently receive rave reviews.
Participants work on your organization's real issues and develop action plans and materials to use on the job the very next day.

After the in-house training we submit a report that includes:

1.     a summary of the participants' reactions

2.     suggestions for maximizing the benefits of the training

3.     tips on how to “make the training stick" in day-to-day work  situations

4.     recommendations on follow-up training to continue progress

In-house training demonstrates to your employees that you value them and want to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. And, when you choose the best to deliver the training it sends an even stronger message.
In-house training provides all participants the same training, common points of reference and terminology.
Each workshop handout includes a summary of skills and an action plan to implement the skills learned in the workshop.
Participants receive post-workshop feedback on videotaped presentations or analysis of written plans where appropriate, at no additional cost.
If "Distance Learning" is a part of your need, we have the experience to make your program a success.
With over 24 years in business, 140,000 people trained in train-the-trainer techniques and thousands of past in-house clients, we have the experience to make your program a resounding success.

We conduct in-house workshops on the following subjects:


Train-the-Trainer Workshops


Supervisory Skills Workshops


Personal Skills Workshops


Inter-Personal Skills Workshops


Administrative, Support, Clerical Workshops

For a no-obligation in-house proposal for any of the above workshops, please e-mail us at info@thetrainingclinic.com or telephone us at 800-937-4698 or click below.
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