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Assess, Plan, Conduct, and Evaluate Your Program
2nd  edition
by Jean Barbazette, President of The Training Clinic
Published by Pfeiffer & Co.


New Employee Orientation is more than a one-day event! How would you describe the quality and effectiveness of your organization's new employee orientation program? In a recent survey by The Training Clinic, 25% of the companies with a formal program described it as poor or just adequate. The most common complaints heard about new employee orientation are that it is overwhelming -- or just the opposite: nothing happens and the new employee is left alone to sink or swim.

"Successful new employee orientation is an enthusiastic welcome, full of variety and timely information." says Jean Barbazette, President of The Training Clinic and author of the book, Successful New Employee Orientation: Assess, Plan, Conduct and Evaluate Your Program. Too many programs, she contends, dedicate only one day to orientation -- a combination of filling out forms and a tour of the facility.

"Orientation needs to be a process, not a one-day event," says Barbazette. "An orientation occurs whether an organization plans for it or not." The results of an unplanned orientation is often a confused new employee who is not very productive, will probably make mistakes, and is likely to leave the organization within a year.

In Jean's newest work, she explains how to analyze your current program and offers direction on improvement. Most new employee orientation programs are designed to accomplish some common objectives:

bulletProvide critical information and resources in a timely manner
bulletHelp make the new employee independently productive as soon as possible
bulletTeach essential safety and job skills
bulletTruly welcome the employee
bulletHelp the new employee feel secure and get off to a good start by understanding the organization's culture

Through a series of checklists and forms, Successful New Employee Orientation serves as a guide to selecting the type of orientation that's right for your organization. The Successful Orientation Practices Survey aids in analyzing the current program and highlighting areas that need enhancement.



Successful Orientation Practices Survey

Section 1: Planning for Orientation

bulletOrientation Developer’s Master Checklist
bulletOrientation Advisory Board Checklist
bulletOrientation Benefits Checklist
bulletTarget-Population Checklist
bulletTypical New Employee Questions

Section 2: Orientation Content

bulletOrientation Objectives Checklist
bulletOrientation Content Checklist

Section 3: Orientation Methods

bulletSample role Checklists
  1. Human Resources Department Checklist
  2. Supervisor Checklist
  3. Self-Directed Orientation Checklist
  4. "Buddy" Checklist
bulletHow to Design a Self-Directed Orientation
bulletWritten Materials for the New Employee
bulletForms-Completion Checklist
bulletEmployee Benefits Checklist
bulletPersonal Safety and Security Checklist

Section 4: Orientation Activities and Events

bulletSample Schedules for Orientation
  1. One-Day Orientation, One Person
  2. Half-Day Orientation, One Person
  3. One-Day Orientation, Large Group
  4. Half-Day Orientation, Large Group
bulletPreparation Checklist for a Specific Orientation Event
bulletOrientation Activities
  1. Activity 1: Session Starter
  2. Activity 2: Orientation Quiz
  3. Activity 3: Scavenger Hunt
bulletGuest Speaker Checklist
bulletOrganizational Tour
bulletWhat to Do for the Family of New Employees

Section 5: The First Day

bulletPreparation Before the New Employee’s First Day
bulletMaterials to Send the New Employee Before the First Day
bulletFirst-Day Activities for New Employees
bulletExamples of Meaningful First-Day Work Assignments

Section 6: Orientation Evaluation

bulletOrientation Reaction Form for New Employee
bulletEvaluation of Orientation Objectives by New Employee
bulletEvaluation of Orientation Objectives by Supervisor or HR Rep
bulletPost-Orientation Evaluations
bulletBy New Employee
bulletBy Supervisor
bulletEvaluation of Orientation Benefits for the Organization

Section 7: Sample Letters

bulletWelcome Letter from the President or CEO
bulletWelcome Letter from the Human Resources Department/Function
bulletWelcome Letter from the Supervisor
bulletNotice of Orientation Meeting
bulletPre-Employment Materials
bulletEvaluation Follow-up
bullet"Buddy" Announcement
bulletNew Employee Announcement

Section 8: Temporary Employee Orientation

bulletPreparation for the Temporary Employee
bullet"Fast-Track" Welcome to the Organization
bulletSurvival Checklist for Temporary Employees
bulletSafety Considerations for Temporary Employees
bulletJob Task Assignments for Temporary Employees


This comprehensive resource is filled with what you need to create your customized orientation program:
bulletsample letters

evaluation forms

Bonus: CD-ROM of visuals

Another bonus is a full section on orienting temporary employees. 

No. 0-88390-417-9. 8½" x 11" binder and CD-ROM

Investment: $129.95


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