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The following related internet sites are provided as a service to you.  A listing does not imply an endorsement by Orientation Resource.  If you find a site has changed location please let us know so we can keep our listings current.  Thank you for your help.



The Training Clinic 
Orientation workshops, games, books, survey
Post Associates A workshop (Business Finance for New Employees) to prepare and motivate new employees to contribute to sales and profit growth immediately.
HRD Press
Human Resource Development Press 

Microsoft Training & Certification

Microsoft website
Trainer's Tool Chest A site of trainer's tools: games, books, simulations, etc.
Ideas and Training Training products, videos, games, etc.
Custom Guide Custom Guide - Customizable, Print On-Demand Courseware.
Cutts Group Provides organizational development, coaching and the training criteria to identify, prioritize and quantify the leadership skills needed for building superior organizations.
Orientation Passport An innovative system to orient new employees that has a return on investment. It provides knowledge, alignment, and legal documentation all in one tool!
Dovico Award winning project tracking software and time tracking applications to reduce project costs and help projects come in on time and on budget.

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